About the Author

Henri T De Souza

Henri T. (Thierry) De Souza is the author of the Diamond Arrow series and the Chronicles of Oerpia series. He is a Canadian author who lives in North Glengarry, Ontario (Canada), nestled between Ottawa and Montreal. Henri and his family live in the countryside.

The first book Henri wrote was an eBook, and it was through auto-publication. The essay was made accessible to the public in 2012 under the title of The Mindset of a Christian.

Henri associated with various companies through the years to publish the list novels below.

Published Works
Feb 2013 – Christian’s Mindset
Jan. 2015 – The Diamond Arrow (1) Golden Warriors, Westbow Press – Nelson and Zondervan
Jan.  2016 – The Diamond Arrow (2) Red Moon, Westbow Press – Nelson and Zondervan
Sep. 2016 – The Diamond Arrow (3) Time Master, Tellwell Talent Inc.
June 2018 – The Diamond Arrow (4) Alpha Omega, Authorcentix
Feb. 2019 – The Chronicles of Oerpia (1) The Fellowship and the Dark Lord
June 2020 – Audiobook of the Chronicles of Oerpia (1) – The Fellowship and the Dark Lord (Upcoming)

Biography of Henri T. De Souza

Born: December  1977, Lomé Togo.

Education: He studied at Université de Sherbrooke, in Sherbrooke QC and, in 2001, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science.

Places of Residence: Lomé (Togo), 1977-1994; Cotonou and Abomey-Calavi (Benin), 1994-1997; Ottawa ON 1997-1998; Sherbrooke QC 1998-2001; Montreal QC, 2001-2002; Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) 2002; Ottawa ON 2002-2012; North-Glengarry ON, 2012 to present.