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The Diamond Arrow series is a set of seven action-adventure fantasy short novels. Primarily geared towards a general audience, the series has suitably been acclaimed by lots of adults as well as young readers. The series is comprised with Golden Warriors (1), Red Moon (2), Time Master (3), Alpha Omega (4), Blue Abyss (5), Divine Blood (6) and Ultimate Battle (7).


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The Diamond Arrow—Golden Warriors

Set in the medieval age, the series transports readers into a superior reading experience by tastefully combining vivid descriptions of stunning scenes while adding unexpected twists with a touch of momentary suspense that had ravished faithful readers leading them for wanting more.
Painted on a background of Christian themes, the series explores moral values in the ever present conflict between good and evil while proposing, in a fictional manner, alternative perspectives with adventures that “resonate long after completion” as local reviewer had put it so well.





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The Diamond Arrow (2)—Red Moon
To honor a duel, the golden warriors are forced to venture by night into the darkest region of a witch-cursed forest. Under the meek light of a red moon, they affront the wrath of an opponent who seems invisible—or so they thought. Embezzled by the destructive abilities of a weapon of darkness which allured as a challenging match to the Diamond Arrow, one of the golden warriors is shaken to the core. As Silas and Lydia face the works of an infuriated dragon, a convincing witch, and a tyrant with dozen of wicked minions under his command, will they lose their faith or come to realize that they are more than conquerors? To discover what happened, dive into the medieval tale as the adventure continues in The Diamond Arrow—Red Moon.



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The Diamond Arrow (3) – Time Master
The third expedition of the acclaimed Diamond Arrow series picks up after the golden warriors’ providential victory over powers of darkness in the forest of Heb Nabir. As they leave the peculiar woodland which was, at one point, cursed by a malevolent witch, the twins are filled with newly acquired knowledge.
Under the leadership of Ariel the warrior angel, the golden warriors now dive into a new set of adventures that leads them to travel through time. As they recurrently disappear through a golden portal that originated from the Mountain-Of-Daily-Thunder, Silas and Lydia are seeking to find a remarkable personality who was previously announced by the Lystran Prophetess, the one and only Anna. To fulfill the prophecy, they are breathlessly trailing the Time Master.
Follow the golden warriors’ rapid and delightful footsteps by embarking with them in the third action-adventure of the series, The Diamond Arrow – Time Master.


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